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Tracu Wu
Photo: Andreas Bauer
When I'm painting, I forget everything that I worry about. Sometimes I even forget the time.

Art Classes Broaden My Life

Tracy Yu from Taiwan

Eight years ago, I was a busy housewife. My life always revolved around my children and husband. I felt my brain was stuck. One day my friend Judy called and told me that she was going to join a beginning oil painting class on Friday night. I was hesitant to join her because I had never painted before. Judy encouraged me to join for fun.

The first day in the class, we met our teacher, Mr. Chiou, who just came back from France. He showed us a lot of pictures of paintings and told us some stories about art history. He said everyone is an artist. Everyone can draw or paint. Art is a silent language which can express human feelings.

We started to paint the things we liked or hated. We also painted the most beautiful and ugly thing in our minds. When I'm painting, I forget everything that I worry about. Sometimes I even forget the time.

Mr. Chiou not only opened the door of art for me but also gave me a way to broaden my life. I started to borrow art books from the library and visit museums in my free time. I'm not really good at painting, but I certainly enjoy it.

Every painting represents the artist's personality and feeling. For example, when I imitated Vincent Van Gogh's painting. I can sense the passion and the energy from his painting. I think this is why, after I started to paint, I felt like my dried-out brain began receiving a new source of refreshing water.

Look Book This story was selected from Julia Karet's ESL writing project at Chaffey Community College: The Look Book Project

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