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Experiences That Changed Our Lives

Julia Karet's students at Chaffey Community College in California wrote personal stories about life-changing events in their their lives.

They first published their stories in a booklet called Friends from Around the World, a Look Book Project. They are now sharing them with the readers of TOPICS.

Tracy Yu


Art Classes Broaden My Life
Tracy Yu from Taiwan

Manijeh Sharifi

My Wallet
Manijeh Sharifi from Iran

Panadda Thinasook


Don't Trust Everybody
Panadda Thinasook
from Thailand

Katsuhiro Deguchi

The Year of 1999
Katsuhiro Deguchi
from Japan

Irene Buenrostro


Accident on Christmas Day
Irene Buenrostro from Mexico

Rani Ho

My Old Van
Rani Ho from Vietnam

Simon Mikiewicz


Never Give Up
Simon Mikiewicz from Poland

Jung Lee

A Car Accident
Jung Lee from Korea

Livan Hernandez

Meet the photographer:
Livan Hernandez from Cuba took photos for this
writing project.

Julia Karet

Meet the teacher:
Julia Karet, creater of the Look Book Project. project.

Read more stories by other students who participated in a Look Book writing project: Coming to America

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