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The Students' Comments on the Translation Project

Students in Timothy Mossman's Interpretation and Translation Studies 200 course at Canadian International College translated Keiichiro Sugimoto's stories. Below are comments they made about the project.


I think this translation project was so exciting. Also, it helped us to learn the method of translation. I would have liked to translate one more story in Keiichiro's essay. I think Keiichiro is a great translator because he is not only a good translator, but also he is concerned with helping people who want to be a translator. - Daisuke


I thought this translation project was very useful because I was able to practice translation. Of course, I learned differences between Japanese and Canadian culture through the story. Moreover, I could learn how native people say, write and use English. It's so helpful for me. Having it published on his home page is very good. I want somebody else to use it to study English. - Kazuyoshi

Kanae Iwata

First, It was difficult for me because I didn't know many words which are difficult to translate naturally in English. Also, there were words with different and difficult expressions and meanings. However, I enjoyed to do this essay. I could learn how to translate these expressions and how to translate difficult meaning (eg. loose socks). So, it was a good experience for me! - Kanae


I translated A Sandwich Story last term. It was very difficult because there are many words which can't be translated into Japanese. Therefore, I had to understand well and had to change words. I think these things depend on translator. I think that was the most difficult thing. - Hiroshi


I think it is a funny story. Maybe all Japanese can enjoy to read it. The title attracted us, but it was a little difficult to translate, such as special vocabulary. I think Keiichiro's page is useful for us. - Tetsuko

Takahito Aida

I think this project is to improve my English because I could learn some expressions and information. To meet Kenichiro's translation is good for me. I'm proud to join this project. Thank you. - Takahito


I thought the translation project was very difficult for me because it was the first time to translate a whole story such as "A Sandwich Story". I fought desperately with my dictionary for a long time.... However, it became a good experience and great confidence for me. I was really glad and satisfied when I finished it all up!!! Also, I was satisfied when my part of the translation—"selling like hot cakes"—was praised by Tim...and maybe Keiichiro. I felt happy to have that opportunity. Thank you. - Kanako

That was really a good idea that we translated the story in the class. There were different expressions because there were 12 students in our ITS class. However, it was good to share our own individual expression or own translation. However, Kenichiro's story has lots of extra stories . This story was titled "Sandwich story", but in fact there were lots of different stories which are not directly related to sandwiches. Thank you very much. - Kaori

The translated stories:
A Sandwich Story | How to Have Soup | The Terror of L and R

Keiichiro Sugimoto explains why he wrote the stories:
Helping People Understand Each Other

Timothy Mossman writes:
The CIC-Keiichiro Connection: A Translation Project

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