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Invasion of Privacy

Is our right to privacy disappearing? Did you ever feel you were being watched? Is your personal information protected from abuse? Is technology making it easy to listen in on conversations, snoop into private information, or monitor telephone calls and e-mail messages?


bugging a phone

satellite surveillance

Everybody Needs Some Privacy
Lourdes Joza from Ecuador

Nowadays We Are Losing Our Privacy
Sylvia Bopp from Switzerland

Technology Makes Snooping Easier
Paola Montsalve from Mexico

They're Keeping an Eye on Us at Home
and in the Office
International Students studying the Issue

Living with Invasion of Privacy
Manabu Ozawa from Japan

Right to Privacy in Prison Upheld
María Camila Camacho from Colombia

We Have a Right to Privacy
María Eugénia Conte Treu from Brazil

Film reviews:
Movies highlighting the issue
of invasion of privacy

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