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The Birth of Our First Child

María Del Rosario Lamshing from Mexico

Rosario with her husband and children
Photo from María Del Rosario Lamshing
Rosario with her husband and her two children.

I was trying to remember an unforgettable moment in my life. Suddenly the moment when my children were born came to my mind.

First of all, I think that our first child left special memories in our mind because we had no experience, and each day was in some way different to the other. Each child has its own unforgettable moment, but the first one, after all, will always be our first great experience.

I was living in Veracruz, Mexico which is eight hours away from the capital city, or on hour by plane. My husband wanted to have our baby in Mexico City, so we planned for me to stay approximately a month and a half in my parents' house until the baby had all the required vaccines, and of course until my parents-in-law and my parents met the baby.

My doctor told me that the eighth month of pregnancy was a perfect time to fly to Mexico City in order to get my check up and have a good stay in my parents' house.

I have to say that I always talked with my baby. It was important that he/she wait to be born until his father was with us in Mexico City. The date that the doctor gave me for the birth was July 29 or 30, so when my husband told me that he needed to fly to New York for business on July 23.

I told him not to worry about it because I thought we had enough time. But I remember that I told my baby all the time to please wait until his father was on vacation and ready to join us.

On July 23, my husband arrived from Veracruz in order to take his plane to New York. I was so happy to see my husband. We had dinner talking about his trip and how well I felt all those days. Then we decided to go to bed earlier because he needed to wake up very early in the morning.

My husband always enjoyed talking with our baby because each time that he talked to him, his movements were in the same direction that my husband was talking to him. That night was no different. My husband told the baby to take care of me and be a good boy or girl until he came back.

Rosario's first child
Photo from Rosario
Rosario's first child

But I believe that the baby just followed our instructions because that night I started to feel uncomfortable. My husband said, a little bit as a joke and a little bit serious, "We forgot to tell the baby that this is a business trip, not the time that I've planned to stay when he is born." But it was too late to tell the baby that because my son was born on July 24.

I told my husband that it was not necessary that he stay with me in the hospital; in fact, his clients were waiting for him in New York. After all, there was my whole family taking care of me, so I was not alone.

I was crying missing my husband, but my older sister was able to stay with me all the time. She was always by my side, talking to me, telling me about when she had her first child.

A few hours later when my husband desperately called me, asking for us. I was so proud and happy to tell him that Wiston, Jr. and I were waiting for him. My son will be fifteen years old next July 24th, but it seems to me that this unforgettable moment was yesterday.

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