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Experiences with Natural Disasters

Have you ever witnessed a natural disaster? These six people share their personal experiences with hurricanes, typhoons, floods, snow storms, and earthquakes.

Tatsiana Anop

Alejandra Pachecho

Xi Xie (Amy)

My Snow Storm Experience
Tatsiana Anop from Belarus

The Hurricane was a Nightmare
Kevin Parfait from Martinique

It Really Was an Earthquake
Alejandra Pachecho from Venezuela

A Flood Hit Our District
Anotai Udomwittayakra from Thailand

Typhoon Andrew Caused a Flood
Chen Chih Lin (Lydia) from Taiwan

I Met "Mr. Flood"
Xi Xie (Amy) from China

Kevin Parfait

Anotai Udomwittayakra

Chen Chih Lin (Lydia)

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