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Young People
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Young People and Body Art

Throughout history, body decoration has been popular although its expression has varied from culture to culture. People decorate their bodies---comb, dye and style their hair; pierce their ears or other body parts; paint their faces; and even tattoo parts of their bodies.

girl with dyed hair
Photo: Thomas Peters
Why Young People
Want to Look Rebellious
Angela Regina Pinto Teixeira from Brazil

girl with pierced ears
Photo: Sandy Peters
Why Some People
Like Body Art
Hyeja Lee from Japan

boy with tattoo
Photo: Thomas Peters
A Tattoo is Just a
Picture on Your Body
Gilmer Coronado
from Venezuela

girl with tattoo
Photo: Thomas Peters
A Tattoo is a
Beautiful Work of Art
Ayesha Mohammed
from Mexico

A tattoo place
Photo: Sandy Peters
Opinions about tattoos.
International students

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