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Moments of Reflection

Thinking about Life Events

These writers from various corners of the world reflect on significant moments in their lives.

Sagrada Familia


Great Wall

Boy catching a bird
Drawing by Yongping Li

Catalan Vertigo
Climbing the stairs inside Gaudi's Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona, Spain leads to an unexpected experience with vertigo.
Bernard Bonnet from France

The Sweat on My Mother's Face
Remembering a childhood experience leads to a deep appreciation of a mother's love and sacrifice.
Yongping Li from China

Remembering Hutong Beijing
Noting changes in Hutong Beijing, a famous street surrounded by many small houses, leads to an understanding of history.
Anonymous student from China

Does Time Build Walls?
Watching a movie leads to reflections on immigration difficulties and family relationships in the past and in the future.
Han-Ching We from Taiwan

My Grandmother's Village
Reminescing about the simple joys of visiting a grandmother's village brings feelings of nostalgia.
Cheng Limin from China

My Success as a TV Hostess
Working as a TV hostess leads to increased insights on the meaning of success for others and for oneself.
Tatiana Anap from Belarus

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