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Mothers' Advice on Eating

Our mothers said, "Eat this! Don't eat that!

We all remember when we were growing up and our mothers told us to eat more vegetables and fewer sweets and chocolate.

Amer Jorbarani

Mehmet Ali Comert

Danilo Quinones

Ngoc-Ahn Annie Thi Ho (Annie)

Hector Pacheco

Interviews: What Mother Said to Eat and Not Eat
Herón Pacheco from Mexico
, Amer Jorbarani from Syria, Ngoc-Anh Thi Ho from Vietnam, Mehmet Ali Comert from Turkey, Danilo Quiñones from Colombia




Mother said:
"No more peanuts!"
Hsieh Chen-Hung
from Taiwan

Mother said"
"Eat the vegetables!"
Young Sik Kim
from Korea

Mother said:
"No More Chocolate!"
Xiao Qing Wang
from Hong Kong

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