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The Issue of Televised Violence

A family concerned about TV  and movie violence
Photo: Sandy Peters
Members of a family in Houston, Texas express their concern about the increasing amount of violence in movies and on TV programs.

A family concerned about TV and movie violence
Photo: Sandy Peters
More members of the family add their veiw on this issue.

Lesley Ortiz from Venezuela

The magic world of television plays a big role in our society. Every day there are more and more television programs to entertain the young population.

Because producers want lots of people to watch TV, they try to make their programs interesting and full of action. They create tons of programs that show violent incidents and include inappropriate vocabulary. In addition, many TV programs tend to show the aggressive personalities of many of our heroes nowadays.

There are many questions about who is to blame for the problems of violence that exist in our society. A lot of people think that if there were no violence on television, the world could be less violent.

Nowadays, many parents try to monitor what their children watch on TV, but sometimes it is impossible because many parents work and they have to leave their children alone. This means the kids have the freedom to choose what they want to see.

In my opinion, since television was invented, the world has changed a lot because of this televised violence. People who want more control on TV violence argue that TV violence is desensitizing our children and causing them to see violence as a normal thing.

Although many adults criticize violence on TV, they still like it because they say that it makes television more interesting and exciting. As soon as they get home, many people immerse themselves in the violent world of television for many hours.

In my opinion, the real problem is that children don't know exactly how to deal with that violence. They try to imitate the behavior they see because they think that they will be like the TV heroes that they love so much. I think that unless the government regulates what can be shown on television, there will be more problems in our children's personalities.

And, there is another side of the coin; there are many economic interests. For example, the more exciting the TV programs are, the more money the producers get. If government controls programming, the TV channels will lose a lot of money; so whenever, government wants to control this, the TV channels will try to fight for their right of freedom of expression.

We should do something to limit televised violence. If we don't our world may become more violent. It would be a big mistake, if we didn't try to exterminate the violence in our society to make a better world.

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