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It's Time to Save Our Children

Hye-Chul Park from Korea

Yuki Izuno's drawing of children watching a violent  TV scene
Drawing by Yuki Izuno
"There are many experiments by psychologists which show how TV violence influences children."

Nowadays, parents worry because their children spend hours and hours in front of the TV screen. Because this doesn't happen to only one specific family, many experts warn us that there can be some serious effects of children watching violence on television.

Children who become addicted to TV plop down and turn on the TV as soon as they get home. Although they have lots of homework, they become absorbed in TV programs.

Since they spend tons of time watching TV, they have less time to enjoy real life activities such as playing with friends, playing outdoor sports, or enjoying other kinds of entertainment.

There are too many violent scenes on TV. Some experts say there are 25 acts of violence per hour on TV. In addition, there are many experiments by psychologists which show how TV violence influences children. Finally, people worry that children tend to imitate what they watch on TV and may start to behave more aggressively.

What should be done? First of all, the government should regulate TV violence. It should also encourage people to invent and develop new technology which can block violent scenes from the programs children watch. For example, with a rating system and the V-chip, inappropriate scenes of violence and sex can be blocked out.

Second, parents should monitor what their children watch. At the same time, they should make their children interested in real life activities. Then when the children start to spend more time playing with friends or reading books, parents can stop their monitoring.

It is a fact that there is more violence on TV today than there was ten years ago. Moreover, violent incidents occur more frequently. It's time to realize how harmful watching TV violence is, and it's time to save our children from violence.

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