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Changes in My Grandparents's Lives

Mai  as a child
Photo from Mai Oh
Mai (left) as a little girl. Her grandmother is in the background in the center of the picture.

Mai Oh from Japan

My grandparents are living beyond their late eighties. They were healthy five years ago although they didn't exercise so much, didn't have a healthy diet, and especially my grandfather had been a very heavy smoker for seventy years.

Five years ago, my uncle got married and left home. Up until that time, grandma woke up early, cooked breakfast and dinner for him, prepared his suitcase for his business trips, and so on.

But suddenly when their son left home, they lost their purpose in life. They didn't have to do anything but take care of their own needs.

The change of life style made them sick, not physically, but mentally. They are still healthy physically, but they have lost their will to live.

They don't recognize me now; they didn't even recognize me when I showed them my wedding photos. My grandmother thought the bride in the photos was my mother.

My grandparents think they're living in the period just after World World Two when they were young. I think that to live for a long time, we need to have not exercise or a good diet, but a purpose in life and luck because when we lose that, we die.

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