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I'm Proud of My Grandfather

Luis Schiavo from Venezuela

S. Peters

My grandfather is 86 years old; he's a very healthy person. He has never smoked, and he doesn't like to drink alcoholic beverages.

He has traveled around the world with my grandmother. They have gone to many countries, and they still want to explore some Asian countries. I think this is the best way to live when a person reaches that age.

He still drives his car, and he exercises every morning. His diet is very rich in proteins and carbohydrates, so he rarely gets sick.

He is also a very optimistic person; he always tells us he is going to take care of our children while we are working.

Even though he's an elderly person, he likes to joke a lot. He's always looking for some tricks and jokes to teach to his grandchildren. I'm very proud of him.

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