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Considering Computer Issues

As computers become more popular, issues multiply.
Computers are becoming more and more a part of our lives. This section takes a look at the issues of computer addiction, problems with e-mail , Internet friendships, and Internet regulation.

Photo: Sandy Peters

Are We Addicted to Computers?
Sylvia Bopp from Switzerland
María Eugenia Treu from Brazil
Nicole Meier from Switzerland
and Paola Monsalve from Mexico

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Twinking Twice about E-mail
Bernard Bonnet from France
María Eugenia C. Treu from Brazil

Should the Internet Be Regulated?
Hyeja Lee from Korea
Ji-Soo Shin from Korea
Paola Monsalve from Mexico

Striking Up Internet Friendships

Paola Monsalve from Mexico
Bernard Bonnet from France
Anotai Udomwittayakrai from Thailand
Yi Xie (Amy) from China
Tatiana Anop from Belarus

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