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Some people drive me crazy! Drawing:
Hsieh Chen-Hung

Things That Tick Us Off

Daily Hassles and Annoying People

In our everyday, busy lives, many things can tick us off. They annoy us or even irritate us. Any small thing that causes a complication or makes it difficult for us to get things done quickly can quickly annoy us, and sometime people's actions are just annoying.

Things that tick us off

Drivers and Traffic Tick Us Off
Bad drivers and traffic jams can be very annoying.

People Sometimes Drive Us Crazy
At times people—even people we like—do things that aggravate us.

How to say something or someone makes you angry

... annoys me.
... irritates me.
... makes me angry.
... ticks me off.
... irks me.
... bugs me.
... drives me crazy.
... drives me up a wall.
... gets on my nerves

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