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Drivers and Traffic Jams Can Be Annoying

Watch those drivers! Avoid those traffic jams!

As the number of cars on the highways increases, driving manners seem to change. Two things that seems to annoy most of us are impolite drivers and getting stuck in traffic jams.

Photo: S. Peters

Fighting terrible traffic

Miriam Mostkoff from Mexico

Dealing every day with our problems and concerns is not easy, but all around us we can find other people who, like us, are battling time--running from one place to another, going from house to work, taking care of their homes, making payments, meeting friends and family. We are not alone; we are part of this society with lots of things to do and less time than we would like to have.

One of the things that really upsets me is the traffic. When I have to class, for example, and I fight terrible traffic and spend my class time stuck there dealing with others trying to cut in front of me.

That makes me angry because some drivers forget what respect means and could cause an accident. It makes me feel upset even though I should be used to these situations. The traffic problem in my country is worse because the traffic is bad all day long, not just during rush hours like here.

trafficPhoto: S. Peters

Impatient drivers really tick me off

Naitsin Shen from Taiwan

Drivers who are impolite or impatient really annoy me, and I get ticked off when drivers don't follow the rules. Some drivers are impatient when the light turns green and the car in front of them does not go immediately. They start to honk their horns. Some drivers do not make a signal when they want to make a turn or change lanes. A few days ago, when I was on the way home, a car approached my car without making any signal. I was annoyed and really scared. I think drivers should be very careful so that everyone can be safe in the street.

Being stuck in a traffic jam

Milan Gurung from Nepal

A traffic jam is a very common thing in the big cities. This problem really upsets many people, and I am one of them. It really ticks me off when I am stuck in a traffic jam, especially when I am in a hurry. When you are in a hurry and get stuck in the middle of traffic, how do you feel? I guess everybody's blood boils, especially when you are late for an important appointment or something. When you are in a traffic jam, you can not even open your car door when it is hot because of the gases coming out of the cars. Being stuck in a traffic jam is my worst nightmare!

Something that makes me upset is traffic

Nicole Meier from Switzerland

There are many people who show bad behavior when driving a car. For example, when somebody is waiting to cross the street, not many drivers stop and give him the right of way. According to the law, the drivers ought to stop before a crosswalk when a pedestrian is waiting. If they don't stop, I get ticked off by these impolite drivers.

Speed limits are annoying.

Yiannis Tziortzis from Greece

One thing I can't stand is speed limits. I'm from a country that doesn't have a speed limit. In Greece, if you take the express lane, you can go as fast as you want.

Some things annoy me.

Sulaiman Alquraishi from Saudi Arabia

The most annoying thing for me is the speed limit. I personally think it is low. The only solution for this problem is for me to get used to the speed limit and enjoy the view while I'm at it.

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