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Issue 11

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Some people drive me crazy! Drawing:
Hsieh Chen-Hung

People Sometimes Drive Us Crazy

We can't believe the things they do!

Have people ever annoyed you or gotten on your nerves because of something they did? Whether it's something big or something small, people's actions can create hassles for us.

People who cut in line upset me.

Justin Chen from Taiwan

I am ticked off when I am asleep at midnight and the telephone rings. Sometimes, I am too tired to fall asleep. Finally, just when I fall asleep, the telephone rings suddenly and interrups my sleep. It upsets me because I have to fall asleep again. I will not be full of vigor and vitality the next day, so it really irks me.

These things annoy me.

Sonia Dale from Colombia

There are some things that I hate. I hate when people are late, or, when they keep me waiting for a long time, or they don't show up. I also hate when the phone rings at midnight and wakes me up. I hate when someone calls me for nothing and talks about nothing.

People who cut in line drive me crazy.

Cheng Limin from China

I hate people to cut in line when I check out. I think that people who cut in line are selfish. They are always concerned about themselves and never respect others. In my opinion, those who like to cut in line are not able to arrange their time appropriately. Usually they are absent-minded people who do not do things in an orderly way. Consequently, when they remember to do something, they always rush in and out and forget people around them. I think people with this kind of behavior will not have good friends. In China, we always say that if you don't respect others, they will not respect you.

Many things annoy me.

Yun Seok Kim from Korea

To be honest, many things make me angry. For example, it ticks me off when I have to study and somebody makes noise. I can't stand it if I get caught in a traffic jam when I need to go somewhere very urgently. What annoys me most is when young people behave impolitely to older people. For example, when I took an class recently, I saw a teenager behave impolitely to my teacher in the class. It wasn't that I couldn't imagine that. I know it depends on each person, but sometimes I can't stand that younger people don't respect older people.

Weekend calls are annoying.

Camilo Angel from Colombia

There are a few things that annoy me. One of those is when someone calls me on Saturday or Sunday morning and the call is not important. This ticks me off because I love to sleep, and Saturday and Sunday are the only days that I can sleep late.

What ticks me off? My noisy neighbours.

Sabrina Volante from Venezuela

Most of the time, I listen to people arguing late at night. Those people are my neighbours. They had a little dog that barked all the time, and sometimes I couldn't concentrate to do my homework. Fortunately the dog is not there anymore. Normally, on weekends at 7:00 in the morning I can't sleep because I can hear some children upstairs running all over the place making a lot of noise.

Some things tire our patience.

Renate Pauperio from Brazil

Sometimes small things that should not happen really tire our patience.One of these things that really bothers me is impolite people in supermarkets or in stores. They do their jobs like they are doing a big favor for the customers. They should realize that it is our shopping that is going to pay their salaries. My point is that we go shopping because we have our needs and sometimes we are tired and concerned about problems. The last thing we need is strangers being rude to us when we are trying to be polite. The worst is that I keep thinking I should answer in the same way, but I'm glad I resist and do not behave like these people.

Inconsiderate behavior irks me.

Tuncay Goksel from Turkey

Yesterday, I went to the library at the hospital. It was very crowded, but I found a seat and sat down. The man who sat down next to me was talking to someone loudly. He bothered another man because his book was torn by another man's carelessness. Everybody looked at them, but they wern't ashamed. Such inconsiderate behavior usually irks me.

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