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Descriptive Writing: A Class Project

The Alamo
Photo: Hyo Cho Kwak
A young man is impressed with the Alamo.

Wearing my pink dress
Photo: Seung-Eui Chae

A woman writes about a traditional pink dress.

An alligator in a swamp
Photo: Yvonne Kuo

A young woman describes alligators in a swamp.

Students in one of Karen Johnson ESL classes at Rice University learned to write more descriptively. Read the descriptions they wrote.

My Impressions of the Alamo
Hyo Cho Kwak from Korea
A building with an impressive history

Memories of a Pink Dress
Seung-Eui Chae from Korea
The tale of a Korean traditional dress

There's Nothing Like a Swamp Tour
Yvonne Kuo from Taiwan
Swamps and a world full of alligators

The Incredible Sears Tower
Liliana Cardenas from Colombia
A building that seems to stretch up to Heaven

Drag Racing is Unbelievable
Hakan Tuncer from Turkey
Unbelievable moments of noise and excitement

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