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Celebrating a Wedding in Bangladesh

Md. Faruk Hossain from Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a Muslim country, and I am Muslim. In our country we have a different kind of wedding.

At, first, our parents or relatives choose our bride. Then the groom sees the bride. If he and she choose each other, then both parents and relatives arrange a meeting to fix the final wedding date.

Before marriage, we have three different occasions. First, the groom's relatives, cousins, friends go to the bride's house for body "tumeric." It is called Gaye Halood. After that, bride's relatives, friends, sisters, and cousins go to the groom's house for some body turmeric.

After that, the bride's parents arrange a big party on the wedding day. Lots of people are invited to this party.

On the marriage day the bride and groom sit in different places before they sign the marriage registration book. Two religious gentlemen are present on this day. One of them is recognized from the government. When they are present, the bride and groom sign the marriage registration book.

After that, a religious man arranges a prayer party and everybody prays for the new couple. Last, the groom's parents take the bride to their home.

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