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What's the Best Way to Raise Children?




International Views on Bringing Up Children

Parents around the world are doing their best to raise their children to become happy, responsible adults. They take care of their children and try to teach them the values they think are important for them to learn.

Parents Need to Teach Their
Children How to Behave
Walter Hernández from El Salvador

You Remember More When
You Cry Than When You Smile
Williams Melendez from Venezuela

The Key is Common Sense
Ken Otani from Japan

Both Success and Failure
Teach Character
Yu-Ling Hsieh from Taiwan

Kids Learn More From
Their Failures
Elsa Gutierrez from Mexico

Thoughts on Raising
Our Children Well
Hasanuddin Rachman from Indonesia

Teach Your Children Not to
Hesitate to Make Mistakes
Eun Suk Ji from Korea

Parents Know the Best Way
Juan Duenas from Colombia

Don't Make a Big Deal
Out of Failure
Patricia Vilhena from Brazil

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