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The Houston Art Car Parade

Houston skyline
Photo: Thomas Peters

Flint Car
Photo: Thomas Peters

A crazy, wacky time for all art car enthusiasts

Sulaiman Alquraish from Saudi Arabia loves cars, so attending the 1999 Houston Art Car Parade was an exciting experience for him. He writes about the beginning of this annual event and describes the cars he saw at this year's parade.

Houston Art Car Parade, Part 1
Sulaiman reports on the highlights of the Houston Art Car Parade and describes some of the art cars that he saw at the 1999 parade.

Houston Art Car Parade, Part 2

A Gallery of Art Cars
Take a close up look at some of Sulaiman's favorite art cars.
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Sulaiman Alquraish reporting
Photo: Thomas Peters

Sulaiman reporting on the parade

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