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Students Write 'How To' Paragraphs

Julia Karet's ESL class

A Class Project
Students in one of Julia Karet's writing classes at Chaffey Community College in Rancho Cucamonga, California wrote how-to paragraphs which they share with us in this issue.

eating soba


eating salsa


eating snacks


eating noodles

Some of their paragraphs give us instructions on how to do useful things, others tell us how to do humorous or silly things, and several tell us how to prepare food.

Humorous Advice
Do you want to know how to annoy your teacher, get fat, lose your girlfriend, or hurt a friend? Read these "humorous" paragraphs. (Not to be taken seriously!)

How to Prepare Food
Everyone always likes to know how to prepare delicious food. Here you will learn how to make a chunky salsa, soba noodles, and instant noodles.

How to Do Practical Things
Students give us useful, practical instructions on how to make clothes, eat with chopsticks, and wrap a gift.

Processing Process Paragraphs for Publication: A Teacher's Tale
Julia Karet,the teacher describes this writing project.

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