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Students learning to chat online
Photo from Tod Ellsworth

Students Learn to Chat Online

A Class Project in Merida, Mexico

Students learning English in Paula Watson's classes at the Centro de Idiomas del Sureste in Merida, Mexico (in the Yucatan in the heart of Maya land!) use computer technology to learn how to chat online. Chatting online provides them opportunities to practice their English and communicate with people from all over the world.

Paula Watson, an ESL teacher, and Tod Ellsworth, the center's Digital Programs Coordinator, help their learners venture online to the EFL Plaza, a new chat community designed especially for EFL learners.

Making Cyber Friends is Fun
Adriana Marcín discovered that chatting is fun. She says the people she meets online are just like her because they are learning English too.

Talking to People Worldwide
Carmen Amaya always thought that computers were for other people, but then she discovered chatting is an easy way to talk to people around the world.

Students learning to chat online
Photo from Tod Ellsworth

Chatting Made My Dream Come True
Computer technology helped Carlos Gomez to do something he has dreamed of doing—meeting people from faraway places. He chatted with people from San Diego and Boston.

Getting in Touch on the EFL Plaza
Xochitl Salinas had never spoken with so many people in English at the same time before. She enjoyed learning how people from around the world think.

Chatting Online to Practice English
Jari Heberle, Jesue Campos, and Angelica Cucia Campos enjoyed the experience of teaching their classmates to use the Internet to chat online.

What the Teacher Says
The teacher, Paula Watson gives her views on the success of this class activity.

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