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Students Interview Novice Scuba Diver

Miwa Kawano and Kaoru Maruhana from Japan

scuba diving equipment
Photo from TG
She explained that a beginner
needs flippers, mask, a set suit and a snorket.

We, Miwa Kawano and Kaoru Maruhana, interviewed TG, a 14-year-old middle school student from the U.S. We asked her about scuba diving and her interest in it.

TG started scuba diving about 3 months ago because she wants to become a marine biologist in the future. She said that scuba diving will help her to be a marine biologist. She also said another reason is she likes to swim.

Since we are not familiar with scuba diving , we asked what kind of equipment is needed to do that. She explained that a beginner needs flippers, a mask, a wet suit, and a snorkel. An intermediate person needs a weight belt (That is one lead per 10 kilos. A person needs the same weight as he/she weighs.), a tank (14 kilos), and a back pack for floatation. She said the equipment is very heavy. Beginners usually can scuba dive for only half an hour, but people who have licenses can be under the water for 1 to 3 hours.

We asked TG iif she wants to continue or not in the future. She answered that she wants to continue, but her nose bone is crooked. Therefore, she needs an operation if she hope to continue.

In scuba diving, she enjoys seeing a lot of sea animals, and she is impressed that she can breathe under the water for a long time. Through the scuba diving, she hopes to visit Okinawa, Australia, Bermuda, and Italy (the Mediterranean sea) in the near future. She did not list the eastern coast of the US, so we asked the reason why. She said that the eastern coast is very cold, and it does not have variety of animals (not a large diversity).

She experienced a scary moment once in the past when she went under the water. She was surrounded by walls of rocks. When she turned around there was nobody, so she felt very scared. Her mind was filled with anxiety at that moment.

While she is under the water, she realizes that divers have to be careful because they might break corals very easily even if they touch them with their hands softly.

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