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A World of Dolls

Yukiko Hattori from Japan has always loved dolls. In this section, she shares some very special stories about her dolls and others. She tells how she came to love them and shares a special experience of friendship.

Memories of Dolls

As a child, Yukiko became the proud owner of a new store-bought doll. She became a devoted mother to this doll and soon acquired two more dolls

Dolls Yukiko remembers

The dream doll

Finding My Dream Doll

Several years ago, Yukiko wrote a letter to the editor of a magazine describing her dream doll. To her surprise, a real dream doll soon arrived in the mail.

Messengers of Friendship

This small, beautifully dressed "messenger" came to Japan from the U.S in a gesture of friendship. Yukiko tells the story of these "messenger dolls" and the gracious Japanese response.

Slide Show of Dolls
Watch a Slide Show of Yukiko's Dolls
View 7 slides of her favorite dolls.

A friendship doll

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