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Life Style of the Amish People

The Amish have a peaceful life style and value family and community.

An Amish community
Photo: Anita Lettieri

A Visit to an Amish Community

Sachiko Watanabe describes her visit to an Amish community near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She comments on the farm land, clothing, and the significance of living a life without modern conveniences.

An Amish horse and buggy
Photo: Anita Lettieri

How the Amish Live

Yasuyo Goto reports on the life style of the Amish. The Amish avoid a modern life style, use a horse and buggy for transportation, wear different styles of clothing, and build barns for one another.

No guns in the Amish world
Image: S. Peters

Thinking About Amish Values

Yuko Dokura contrasts the peaceful Amish life style and the violence of another world portrayed in the popular movie Witness. She reflects on a scene in which an Amish grandfather explains to his young grandson what the Amish think of guns.

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