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Children viewing a violent TV program
Drawing: Yuko Kokura

Effects of Televised Violence

Is it bad for children?

Learners of English from Japan and Saudi Arabia examine the effects of TV violence on children and carry out an opinion poll to see what people think about it.

What I Think about Televised Violence
Yuko Dokura from Japan believes that watching violent acts on television can cause some children to behave aggressively and suggests that children's TV viewing should be controlled by parents.

Psychologists Study Effect of Televised Violence on Children
Nayef Al-Fehadi from Saudi Arabia reports the results of a study made by psychologists on the effects of televised violence on the behavior of children. He describes the psychologists' experiment and raises the issue of who is responsible for controlling what children watch on TV.

My Opinion Poll: Does TV Violence Affect Children's Behavior?
Yuri Syoyama from Japan reports on the results of an unofficial poll she conducted to find out if young people in Japan think violence affects children's behavior.

Take Yuri's Poll on TV Violence - Sorry, this poll is closed.
Take this poll and tell us what you think about the effects of TV violence on children.

Language for Reporting Poll Results
We use specific language to report poll (survey) results. Check it out. Then read Yuri Syoyama's survey report again and see how she uses this language.

Readers Opinions on Media Violence
Read what you, the readers, have to say about media violence.

E-mail us: What do you think about media violence?

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