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Take Yuri's Opinion Poll on Televised Violence

What are your opinions on TV Violence?

Do you think that TV violence affects the way children behave? Express your opinions by taking this poll and sending your answers to us.
Sorry: This poll is now closed.

To take the poll:

First click on the circles to answer each question yes or no. Then click on SEND to submit your completed.

 1. Do you think there is too much violence on television?

 2. Do you think children copy what they see on TV?
Yes No 3. Do you think televised violence can cause children to
behave in an aggressive way?
Yes No 4. Do you think parents should control what their children watch?
Yes No 5. Do you think the government should control what children watch?
Yes No 6. Do you think TV producers and writers should control the amount of TV violence in their programs?
Yes No 7. Do you think TV cartoons which show characters hitting each other on the head with a hammer or a baseball bat are acceptable?
Yes No 8. Do you think televisions should have technology which will let parents block violent programs they do not want their children to see?
Yes No

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