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Psychologists Study Effects of Televised Violence on Children

Nahef Al-Fehadi from Saudi Arabia

TV violence

I heard that psychologists did an experiment to answer this question in which they showed each of two groups of children a different version of a video tape: One group saw video A which showed a lady acting normally with a big doll. The lady was having fun with the doll!

The second group saw video B which showed a lady acting aggressively with the same doll. She was kicking and hitting the doll violently. After showing the children the video tapes, the psychologists left the children in a room with a doll that looked like the one shown in the videos as well as other toys.

The psychologists watched the children, and they found out that children who watched video A acted normally, and children who watched video B acted aggressively, hitting and kicking the doll! Because of this experiment, the psychologists came to know that watching violent movies or programs on TV changes children's behavior, making them more aggressive.

I believe that every cause is followed by an effect or sometimes effects, and in my opinion, TV violence might change any human behavior, and it would be worse with children! Children should be protected from TV violence in order to keep their behavior from being shaped by violence. This raises a question: Who is responsible for taking care of that, family or government?

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