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Seeing-Eye Dogs

Companions for the visually-impaired

Spanish man with his seeing-eye dog

Dana and Stormy with Lady

Read about two young girls who raised a seeing-eye puppy and a young man from Spain and his seeing-eye dog.

Life with Terra, my Seeing Eye Dog
Jesus Majado is from Barcelona, Spain. He tells why his seeing-eye-dog Terra is a special friend for him. Jesus and Terra have been together for years. She has always watched over him and made sure he walked safely through the city traffic, and now she is very protective of his baby son.

Two Young Girls Raised a Seeing Eye Puppy
Chizura Kurono presents a story about two girls, Stormy and Dana Peters, who raised a seeing-eye-puppy named Lady a decade ago. They became attached to their puppy, a Hungarian Vizsla, but after a year it was time for Lady to leave them.

About Seeing Eye Dogs
Chizura Kurono provides interesting information about seeing-eye dogs.

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