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Japanese Fads in the 1990s

Tamagotchis, Photo Stickers, Loose Socks, the PHS, High Boots, and Doraemon

Japanese girls show a tamgotchi.

Fads that are all the rage in Japan these days include crazy tamagotchis, high boots and shoes, the beloved PHS, beloved photo stickers, loose socks, and the lovable Doraemon.

Everyone is Crazy about the Tamagotchi
Erica Horikoshi reports on the popularity of the tamagotchi, an interactive digital toy, in Japan. They are very popular among school girls and office workers, but have created some problems.

Photo Stickers are a Big Hit
Yuri Syoyama writes about a recent fad which has become a real hit with teenagers in Japan—collecting tiny photo stickers. Teens line up at photo machines to have their pictures taken on decorative stickers which they can exchange with others, collect in books, or use to decorate things.

loose socks

Loose Socks are Popular with Japanese School Girls
Yuki Izuno reports on another craze among young girls in Japan. High school students have taken a fancy to "loose socks", huge baggy socks that hang on their legs and look like they are about to fall down. She tells us why this style is popular with young girls in Japan.

The PHS is Fashionable in Japan
Yuka Matsumoto says a PHS (Personal Handy-Phone System) is a good way to communicate with your family and friends. Many people enjoy using them because they are small and easy to carry. They're fun and convenient to use, but using them can create some problems.

High Boots and Shoes are In!
Trendy Japanese girls like to wear high boots and shoes. Akiko Nakashima says girls like to wear them because they think they make their legs look slimmer and look good with both skirts and pants.

Everyone in Japan Loves Doraemon!
Kayo Shigeneo introduces us to Doraemon, a lovable, blue catlike robot who is a very popular comic book and cartoon character loved by many throughout Japan. She describes him and discusses his popularity.

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