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A Yayoi artifact found in a rice field

Digging for the Past

Hand work, fun, artifacts, and ancient history

Japanese students discover archaeology and learn about the past by participating in archaeological digs and examining artifacts.


Hard Work and Ancient History
Ayumi Kawano and Masahiro Ohamo also took part in the archaeological dig in Kiyotake. They said digging in the soil in search of ancient artifacts let them feel ancient mystery as well as the reality of hard work.

My Father Found a Yayoi Artifact in his Rice Field
Hiromi Murayama shows us an artifact which her father found while he was farming his rice field. She thinks it may be a piece of ancient Jomon pottery because the farm is located near the site of an archaeological dig.

Archaeology Dig is Hard Work, but Fun
Takashi Shii participated in an archaeological dig in Kiyotake, Japan. He wanted to do the work of a real archaeologist but soon found out that archaeologists have to do a lot of digging and hard work. archaeology.

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