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Snow-capped mountains

Why Do People Climb Dangerous Mountains?

Yuko Dokura:

They push their limits although they know it's dangerous. I couldn't do the same thing, but it is attractive to me. I want to try to do something in my life like them. They climb the mountain to reach a goal. The mountains are there, and they are big. I think they are attracted to such mountains because they are so great. The power of humans can't surpass that of the mountains.

Mami Kanemaru:

I think the climbers are courageous because their lives depend on the weather on the mountains. It is very dangerous to climb mountains like Mount Everest because the weather is changeable. I am surprised at the power of nature. Climbers wear gloves, but they cannot protect themselves from the cold weather. But they never give up on conquering Mount Everest. I am moved by their passion for the mountain.

Kayo Shigenobu:

I feel climbing a mountain is a very brave thing to do. A climbers' friendship is very honest and wonderful.

Keita Ogura:

I think climbers have great courage. A climber believes in himself, so he can survive.

Yohei Shimamoto:

I think it is very hard to climb a mountain. On the way to the summit, climbers lose friends from their team. They face danger, but they continue climbing the mountain. The reason they do it is that they are professional climbers. They climb the mountain to the top. To go all the way is difficult.

I can understand why they try to climb dangerous mountains. Most people want to conquer something. It is kind of like they find their goals by climbing mountains. I mean that people want to have a challenge to the limit of their ability. I sometimes push, push, and push myself. After I reach my goal, it is an excellent feeling. No experience surpasses this kind of experience.

Chizura Kurono:

I wouldn't want to climb high mountains, so I don't know why they want to do it. When they climb them, they have a very hard time. They get frost bitten and some people die. Maybe they want something to be proud of and want to feel satisfaction because they can do it.

Tetsuya Yonemoto:

I feel climbing a mountain is a very brave thing to do. A climbers' friendship is very honest and wonderful.

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