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Policeman carrying gun

Problems in Society

Drugs, drinking, guns, theft

Japanese students learning English use their new language skills to make observations on problems that plague societies around the world

Drugs Affect the Younger Generation in Japan
Yuki Masui from Japan

More and more Japanese teens, not understanding the dangers of using drugs, begin to use them.

High School Students: Drinking and Drugs are Problems
Yuka Nishimura from Japan

A survey shows that drug and alcohol use is on the rise among American teenagers.

Shoes Stolen from Students
Yuu Nagasaki from Japan

A middle-school student is robbed, not of his money, but of his fashionable shoes.

Do Americans Need Guns for Protection?
Yohei Shimamoto from Japan

A student gives his opinions on the issue of gun control.

No Guns Wanted by the Japanese
Yuki Masui from Japan

Parents of Japanese young people shot in the United States attend a conference to promote gun control in Japan.

What do you think? Send us your opinions on gun control.

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