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The Search for Adventure

Adventure In the News

Japanese college students write about adventurous people whose exploits have made the news—a 14-year-old boy who sails solo across the ocean, a 90-year old woman who skydives, and a man who climbed 100 mountains. They also consider the idea of what makes a person take great risks.

14-Year-Old Boy Sails Across Pacific Ocean Alone
Yuko Dokura writes about an adventurous Japanese boy who became the youngest person to sail solo across the Pacific.

90-year-old Risk Taker Sky Dives
Ayumi Ono writes about a 90-year-old woman who seeks thrills by jumping from an airplane.

Japanese Man Climbs 100 Mountains
Mitsuaki Etou writes about a Japanese man who climbed 100 mountains.

Why do People Climb Dangerous Mountains?
Discussion: Why do people risk their lives trying to climb dangerous mountains?

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