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To get an idea of ways you can use blogs in ESL/EFL, take a look at various types of blogs created by both educators and students.

Blogs Used in ESL/EFL Classes

Our Class 2007

Rosa Ochoa creates class blogs where she sets up weekly work for her adult migrant advanced students AMEP in Sydney, Australia.There are quizzes, competitions, students' own texts, students' recipes, photos, videos, and a lot more. Check out Rosa's Our Class 2006 blog as well. Links to student blogs include Ivy's Blog and Marcelino's Blog.

ESL Intermediate Low at Pacoima Skills Center
This blog is for the adult immigration students in Barry Bakin's ESL Intermediate Low Class at Pacoima Skills Center in Los Angeles. He uses photos, videos, online links to readings, and prompts to engage his students.

Blogs to Extend ESL Class Projects: Relevant Postings and Student Comments

Globally Speaking
Sandy Peters used this blog to provide her ESL students an out-of-class writing space where they can express their ideas and opinions on topics of global interest. Short posts on topics of interest, along with related photos, prompt student comments (click on Comments at the end of each post to read the student contributions. There are links to student blogs where they respond to assignments related to class learning. Sample student logs: Jiro and UiKi. No longer being updated.

A Look at Bullying
Sandy Peters used this blog to help university ESL students explore and comment on aspects an issue of consequence: school bullying. Posts include texts, photographs,and links to sites relevant to classroom activities. Students carry out assigned tasks then assign a task to student (i.e. ask them to write a comment or a post on their blog). No longer being updated.

Spotlight on Rwanda
Sandy Peters created this blog to help university ESL students explore and comment on the issue of genocide in Rwanda. No longer being updated.

Class Blogs and Student Blogs that Successfully Incorporate Web 2.0 Tools

VESL@MiraCosta College
Kristi Reyes uses this blog with her vocational ESL class (VESL) at MiraCosta College. There are links to student-created blogs which contain Web 2.0 elements: embedded Video Resumes, Vokis, YouTube videos, and authorSTREAM Online Power Point presentations. Links to student blogs include Maria's Blog, My Success and Miki's Space.

MCC ESL Level 5 Blog
Kristi Reyes used this blog for students in her ESL Level 5 evening class at MiraCosta College. She used many Web 2.0 tools to embed slide shows of photos, a avator, comic strips, videos, and more on the blog.

Blogs that present learning resources for teachers and learners of English

Nik Peachie's Technology
Nik Peachie shares ideas for using technology.

Barry Bakin
presents tech learning resources for teacher of ESL/EFL.

The English Blog
For learners and teachers of English
Jeffrey Hill's blog provides links to English learning resources and other items of interest for teachers and learners of English.

Blogs describing ESL/EFL teaching experiences, activities, and games

ESL Madness, Just a little help
The author created this blog in order to help her organize her thoughts about teaching. Many teaching activities and games are presented, primarily for elementary school students, but many are good for adult learners as well.

Teaching Experiences
Maria Jordana is an EFL teacher in Spain. She writes about her teaching experiences while working with EFL students at pre-intermediate and intermediate levels.

Blogs Offering a Collection of Podcasts

ESL Podcast Blog
A blog of podcasts (audio files) that teachers and students can download and then listen to on the computer or on an MP3 portable music. Dr. Lucy Tse writes scripts and story ideas for the podcasts and records many. Dr. Jeff McQuillan, the host for the podcasts, helps read the scripts and explains them.

Blogs Teaching Grammar Through Movie Segments

Movie Segments to Assess Grammar Goals
This blog was developed by ELT instructor and teacher trainer, Claudio Azevedo of Brazil. It contains a series of movie segment and activities to practice grammar in a fun way. In addition to lesson plans, it offers printable worksheets with answer keys. and tips to develope your own activities.


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